No class today ergo I can afford to write one post reflecting on my first day of classes.

I had a two-hour small group session and a four-hour lecture today. Quick lunch in between consisting of two PB&J’s. On my previous post, I discussed about my sleep schedule. As planned, I was able to go to bed at midnight. After exactly six hours of sleep, I was able to wake up at 5:55 am to beat the alarm that was set at 6 am.

While anticipating for my sleep inertia (see previous post) to dissipate, I watched some news and previewed for the day’s lectures.

I use an iPad for lectures, and a MacBook Air + iPad combination when previewing, and a MacBook Air + iPad + ol’ school paper notebook combination when reviewing. This is something I’ve been working on since last semester because that is when I first started using a tablet. I also had to trade in my MacBook Pro for an Air because the Pro was too heavy to carry around and I didn’t need all the specs for med school.

On my iPad, I use Notability to highlight and make notes on a wide variety of electronic documents including PowerPoint lecture slides and research articles. When previewing, I use a purple highlighter (P for Preview and Purple) to highlight all the keywords in the lecture that were mentioned in the outline/objectives. During lectures, I use a lime green highlighter (L for Lecture and Lime green) and highlight all the keywords that the professor mentions and/or emphasizes. And I like to use a red pen to make notes because they just stand out more for me. Finally, when reviewing, I use a red highlighter (and you get the idea why) to highlight keywords that I would like to go over one more time to force them into long-term memory. So keywords that have been highlighted three times are most likely crucial because they have been stated in the objectives, in lecture, and have been covered again at least once during review.

After lectures, I went to the gym for a quick 40 min workout working on my delts, hamstrings, and abs. I try to workout my legs and abs every time I go to the gym because they seem like the most important when I’m sitting down and studying. This is not evidence based though… maybe I’ll pursue a crude research on this one day.

After dinner, I watched the Cavs vs. Warriors game because that is actually the only sports game I watch nowadays. Back in high school, I used to live off of ESPN. In undergrad, I rooted for my alma mater. Now, I just don’t have time to keep up with it. But Cavs and Warriors are quite intriguing to watch because they are good, there exists a rivalry, they have a history, and they are very competitive. Unfortunately, this game was far from suspenseful. In fact, I fell asleep by halftime. Hopefully, there will be a better matchup next time and I hope to see them in the finals for the third time in a row.

On my first day of classes, I ended up falling asleep at 11 pm. Maybe it was the one-sided basketball game or my new sleep schedule. Whatever the reason may be I was able to wake up at 6 am sharp this morning. And now I’m in a study hall ready to start my review and preview for tomorrow’s lectures.



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